Coach Eddie Monger 


Ex-Pro Kickboxer 

10 th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing-Do

9th Dan in American free style Kempo

1st Dan in shin Nagare Karate

1st Dan in kyokushin under Shotokan system

Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition 

Degree in Personal Training

Coach Brenda Harrison  


USA Woman Champion Kickboxer 

5th Degree Black in Kickboxing-Do

Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition 

Degree in Personal Trainer 




  • 5/5 stars

The gym is great! My whole family trains there. My daughter is really excelling with her kickboxing and her traditional karate. The instructors are friendly and extremely knowledgeable...BEST MARTIAL ARTS IN ATLANTA!

matthew b.

  • 5/5 stars

I have worked with Coach Eddie and Coach Brenda on and off for 15 years, and they have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to be both outstanding martial arts coaches and invaluable mentors. M&H Thunder Kickboxing is not just a school; it's a family, and anyone would be lucky to be a member.

Steven H.

  • 5/5 stars

As a physician I have a pretty good understanding of diet and fitness. Thunder Kickboxing has a program second to NONE! I've been with Coach Eddie and Coach Brenda for about four years and I can say there are few teachers with their expertise. I recommend this dojo without hesitation!

Larry M.

Look For Heritage Commons(Lofts): 912 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 204 Roswell GA 30076 (Holcomb Entrance) Across From Action Staffing

Across from Renasants Bank (Warsaw Entrance)

E-mail: Phone 770-743-8233 and 770-743-8230

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