Yes, we are open.



We will be taking special precautions to serve and protect our students and


families even better.


·       All staff, students, parents, and guests (anyone entering the school) will be checked for fever with a sanitized no-touch Forehead Thermometer, and if symptomatic, will be asked to go home

·       All staff, students, parents, and guests (anyone entering the school) will be required to sanitize hands when entering the school or will be asked to go home


 Will be asked to go home (If you don’t have or FOLLOW THE RULES)

  • Only attend class when you have washed and clean hygiene
  • Only attend class in a washed, clean uniform
  • Clean your gear after each class following the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Gear needs to be in a bag until used and straight back into the bag when done
  • Bring room temperature water
  • Long towel for the mats to lay on
  • Limited space, do not bring extra people with you that are nonmembers.
  • If you bring siblings, parents/guardians need to keep them sitting right next to them at all times (They are not allowed to walk around, be without parent/guardian, touch on walls, doors, windows, people and etc). THESE ARE HARD FAST RULES. IF YOU BREAK THE RULES YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
  • Do not wear strong scents while working out

Look For Heritage Commons(Lofts): 912 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 204 Roswell GA 30076 (Holcomb Entrance) Across From Action Staffing

Across from Renasants Bank (Warsaw Entrance)

E-mail: Phone 770-743-8233 and 770-743-8230

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